A Log Home That Will Evoke Gasps of Envy from Your Friends and Guests

A Log Home That Will Evoke Gasps of Envy from Your Friends and Guests

This log home balcony looks like one of the coziest and inviting log cabin patios you will find. Every detail of this log cabin design adds warmth and visual log home appeal. One of the reasons that this log cabin patio works so well is with the use of log furniture. When it comes to designing and decorating a log cabin or log home, having the right log furniture can also be an important step in the overall look of the log cabin. Choosing the right log furniture is a great way to compliment the log home.

This log home balcony is just as stunning as the rest of the log cabin. An outdoor patio or balcony space is a great way to extend the indoor living space outdoors, and can be used just as much as the inside of the log cabin, especially when the weather permits. The log furniture details and choices add as much to the log cabin, as the log cabin design itself. On this log cabin balcony, the carved eagle above the door is a great choice, as the log furniture, used it looks to be carved with the same type of wood as the rest of the log cabin. In this log cabin, it looks as though Western Red Cedar was used, because of the nice deep color of the logs. Western Red Cedar is a great choice when it comes to log cabin and log home building, and also in log furniture design because of its reputation for being highly rot and decay resistant. Western Red Cedar is also known for its beauty and durability. It has for centuries been used by the Northwest Pacific Aboriginal people in their builds.

The log furniture used on this log cabin patio also seems to match the wood used in the log cabin, which goes a long way into making the design work, it seems a small detail. But it seems to anchor the log cabin together with the log furniture and makes for a log cabin balcony that is unforgettable. If you take a close look at this log cabin patio, you will see that the outdoor patio log furniture table and chairs almost look like they are attached to the log cabin itself, the log benches, and matching log table providing comfortable and great places to sit and enjoy dinner, or sometimes outdoors. A great place for both family and friends to hang out, dine, talk or even play some board games. The large log beams and the log railing on the log cabin balcony tie everything together, from the log cabin to the log furniture. This log home balcony is amazing!

Log furniture just seems to work when used in a log home or log cabin. You might worry about overdoing it, but this log cabin shows that it works, especially using the same type of logs in the furniture as the logs in the home. In some of the Pioneer Log Homes, you will even find benches carved into the large log ends of the logs used in the log home build, that is especially appealing. Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, is a log home company that has been around since 1973. Located in Williams Lake, British Columbia. The company is known for their use of Western Red Cedar, which is in proximity to their interior location. The team at Pioneer Log Homes can also be seen on the popular HGTV Canada and Discovery Channel show Timber Kings. Each week you get to see where they will build a different log cabin or log home from raw logs into a completed log home structure. The show highlights the fearlessness, artistry and craftsmanship of the Pioneer Log Home team.

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