How to Make a Concrete Floor Look Like Hardwood

How to Make a Concrete Floor Look Like Hardwood

Have you been thinking about renovating your basement, garage, or ground floor and wondering how to make that harsh concrete look a little more inviting? Then you might want to check out this YouTube tutorial on how to make a concrete floor look just like hardwood!

Who knew you could do so much with concrete, and who knew you could even make it look exactly like wood? We sure didnt! Theres a whole new way of transforming concrete into a beautiful work of art and the end result is often called Decorative Concrete. With excellent video tutorials available like this one, you can easily transform your cold hard concrete floor into a beautiful warm and cozy one. And to do it, all you really need are a few tools and relatively simple items, all included in this video.

The first thing you need to do, however, is make sure your concrete floor is going to be paintable. If it is, then you are in business! If you arent, well youll want to fix that excess moisture problem anyway because its probably bringing a lot of mould and mildew into your house. How do you test for extra moisture? Well, get yourself a small section of tin foil and tape it to your floor overnight. When you remove it the next day, check it for moisture underneath. If its dry, you are good to go!

Next, got a shot blaster? If you dont, then do you know someone who does? Then call them up and ask them if you can borrow it! Once you know your concrete floor is transformable, you will need to shot blast it using a high-powered, high-speed steel abrasive to level it out and give it the texture it needs for further treatment.

At this point, you really want to clean that floor really well! Vacuum up all of the dust particles, then mop it down as many times as it needs until its squeaky clean. And before you do any painting, be sure to put masking tape all around any areas you want to protect, especially on the walls where they meet the floor.

Now, if you want your concrete wood floor to have rich dark tones like this one does, then youll want to start by painting it with a polymer base with a darker pigment. Then youll want to get yourself some fibre tape so you can create your hand designed antique-wood-looking planks. Fibre tape has a bit of a texture to it, so it can actually look and feel like wood. It will also be very helpful in sealing your concrete floor, giving it a much warmer feel for those sensitive bare feet! Be sure to separate the planks with painters tape. Youll see why you do this after the next step.

Next comes the fun part! Get on your painting clothes, shoes, and hat because were getting out the spray paint. Were using paint that has a cement texture, but were going to use it to create an illusion of wood grain. Amazing what you can do with paint these days, huh?

Once this layer is completely on and dry, its time to pull up those long strips of painters tape. Once theyre gone, it looks like youve got wooden planks on your floor. Wow! This designer concrete floor is really starting to take shape.

Youll have to watch the whole video for the full lesson, but we wanted to tell you where we found this little DIY rustic concrete wood floor project. Decorative Concrete Kingdom put the video together, and these guys are experts in the floor transformation business. They know how to make a concrete floor look like hardwood as well as tile, marble, granite, and many more.

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