See How a House Was Built around Living Trees (the Staircase Isn't the Coolest Detail)

See How a House Was Built around Living Trees (the Staircase Isn't the Coolest Detail)

This "Spiral Staircase from Fallen Cedar Tree" is just aspect of this lovely and unique home called Tree House. Incorporating a fallen cedar tree into the spiral tree is a great way to make use of materials that will only add more character to your new home build, along with a good story to tell.

This new home which is affectionately called the Tree House, is built around redwood trees that the neighbor planted when President Kennedy passed away, what a lovely story to be able to include in your house. Because of the large redwood trees and oak trees the building lot did present some unique building challenges. So rather than be deterred, the owner and the architect, William Boyd, took on the house design challenges and created a beautiful home that was built around the trees. They took on the building challenges and created this stunning and nature inspired home. This home has lots of amazing green features, including salvaged redwood siding and trim, energy efficient features, recycled materials, and water conservation features. Inside there is a beautiful stone fireplace, and the spiral staircase that was built from a fallen cedar tree. This staircase is stunning, the floating stairs coming out from the cedar tree trunk look almost like branches on the tree, this staircase is definitely one of the focal points of the house, along with the majestic stone fireplace. You'll want to take a look at al the photos of this amazing home.

Inside this beautiful Tree House home you will find lots of log furniture throughout. The biggest example of log furniture is of course the cedar tree log staircase, what an amazing way to incorporate logs into your home! One of the bathrooms has a rustic raw edged log countertop, and the living room has a beautiful raw edged log coffee table that ties in perfectly with the raw edged bathroom countertop and the cedar tree spiral staircase. Log furniture looks great in any sort of house that has a lot of wood. Log furniture also looks good in log homes, log cabins and log chalets. Log furniture is the type of furniture that makes use of logs and twigs in the design. You will also find original log home furniture designs from chainsaw carvers who can make detailed log designs with animals and nature inspired themes involve. Log furniture, reclaimed wood furniture and other types of rustic furniture have increased in popularity in recent years, and as a result, there are many more styles of decor and options available for those looking to furnish their mountain lodges, country homes or log cabins. You can make all sort of log furniture from chairs, tables, beds, shelves and dining tables, the possibilities are endless. Matching the furniture you put in your house to some of the details in your house can really tie the home together.

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